How to Get rid of Bad Luck

Spells of MagicWe all want the same basic things, prosperity, love, health and happiness.  And we all have times in our lives when we find it especially difficult to obtain these things.  Sometimes its just a phase or difficult time.  But what if that time doesn’t pass?  What if you keep trying your best for years and it still doesn’t get any better?  What could be happening and what white magic can help?

There could be several reasons.  First, you could be contributing to it yourself, making a bad thing worse by your attitude and negative thoughts.  After all, you thoughts are a magic spell. But you could also be affected by a ghost that is stealing all your positive energy and leaving you with nothing but the negativeWhite Magic energy which will attract negative situations and people into your life.  Or maybe you had somebody put a curse on you or your family line that is affecting you now.  Or the crap of life is just weighing down heavily on you.  Like I said, several reasons.  Here are some basic steps to a magic spell to alleviate our situation.   

First, as in before you do anything else, you need to cleanse.  This means your self as well as your home.  One spell of magic I recommend is taking a bath with a cup of ammonia, a cup of sea salt and a egg, cracked and dispersed in the water.  Put two white candles on the edge of the tub and light them.  Before you get into the tub pray aloud Psalm chapter 23, or if you prefer Psalm chapter 7.  Stay in the tub for at least 20 minutes.  You will feel a release, as if something negative is lifting off of you while you are in the tub.

Air dry, and take a cup of it and throw it in the crossroads or a river or ocean, while saying ‘let this evil be gone from my life, so be it, it is done’, turn around and walk away without looking back.

You may need to repeat this bath once a week if you are surrounded by a lot of negative energy in your day to day life.

Some other baths I recommend are 13 herb bath crystals, Van Van Baths, Rue, Hyssop and Magic SpellSalt baths.

Also clean your home from top to bottom, get rid of any extra rubbish in your home.  A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in a year, you probably won’t need it.  And clean all surfaces with Chinese Wash.  This will accentuate the flow of positive energy.  You may also want to get some Uncrossing incense and fumigate your house.  One powerful way of doing this is get some heat proof bowls, close up the house, burn the incense while you are out of the house.  Make sure it is burning safely. Then after a couple of hours, open up the house, and let all that smoke waft out of the house carrying any negative energy with it.  You might want to make sure it won’t set off any smoke alarms.

As you can see, witchcraft is work.  But this is a very powerful work.  Next, you will need to set up protection.  Then, the fun part, which is the money spells. Those in later articles.

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  1. This is great. Everything listed is an experience devoted to alleviating any kind of suffering, which is something that everyone can use! All create a positive aura and that is something that everyone picks up on.

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