How to Call the Archangel Michael

One time I was bothered by a ghost similar to the Old Hag.  Even though the ghost took off as soon as I called him, Michael was able to leave magical How to be a witchtraps that was tuned to her particular spiritual energy. Something like you saw in Ghost Busters, only in the spiritual dimension. When that spirit returned, which is another story, she was caught up and put in a sort of prison. She will not be bothering anyone again. You to can keep ghosts from bothering you when you learn about witchcraft.

When Calling on Archangel Michael

To get a quicker response please pronounce his name correctly. Just like it is spelled. Pronounce Mic like Mickey Mantel, and ha like hay, and el like Del Taco. Get it? Just like it’s spelled. Mic-ha-el.  So call on him.

Witchcraft and magic both get their names from the Anglo-Saxon words for wisdom; ‘witch’ is from the old English word wita, meaning ‘wise’ and the Wicca were the wise ones. Witchcraft and magic are said to be the oldest religion in the world.

Witchcraft spells are essentially the process of drawing on ancient wisdom and powers How to be a Witchthrough the collective mind that we as individuals can spontaneously but unconsciously access in our dreams and visions. In magic, we can use witchcraft spells and altered states of consciousness to access this universal memory bank at will and in doing so, some believe, draw on the accumulated powers of many generations, especially in healing magic spell.

Gaining such knowledge teaches you to trust your own deep intuitions, you need very little formal teaching about witchcraft rituals. If you scry at the full moon or during one of the ancient festivals, by looking into water and letting images form, this deep wisdom will offer solutions to seemingly impossible dilemmas.

It is said that if you smile in London in the morning, the smile will have reached Tokyo by evening. This principle, which lies behind all white magic. Modern witchcraft rituals and witches are aware of the need not to infringe on the free will of others. Whether you are working alone or with others, you might like to start a Book of Shadows, a record of rituals that have worked well, names of those who need healing and herbal brews and incenses that are especially evocative. In time, you can use this to reference in the future but also inspire you when you feel you need some direction.

Rules are not set in stone; witchcraft rituals are carried outwitch in love and even laughter, are far more successful than the most extravagant ceremony in which everyone is so concentrating on getting it everything right. Magic works best, not when we focus on the procedure of the spell but learn through experience and the heart. Every spell uses life force energy that runs through everything and transforming it with our ‘Higher Selves’.

So for instance, a spell for the steady growth of money, for example, you might grow a pot of basil seedlings (a herb of richness) and light a green candle. You can use magic to fill your needs, though this does not bring lottery wins or a new boyfriend delivered gift-wrapped to your door. But magic has always been used to help with physical needs, and becoming spiritual is very tough to do when your in crisis mode.

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  1. Steven says:

    Hello, I really like your site and was wondering if direct me to some ancient spells written in whats called the “language of the spheres” regarding archangel Michael. I cannot find information about it anywhere and would really appreciate any help. Thank you for you time.

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